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Find the right solutions to amplify growth with HireBetter, the talent-planning and recruitment authority.

A New Kind of Talent Firm

At HireBetter, we help your business unlock growth through the power of strategic talent planning and recruiting. We are retained search and talent consultants, Austin-based with national reach.

Where do you want to take your business?

Our conversation starts there, not with a job description. You talk, we listen. We learn about your goals, challenges and opportunities in order to assess your needs on a deeper level.

Our real-world expertise means we bring a wide range of knowledge and a deep tool box of solutions. A new kind of talent firm, we challenge business leaders to rethink what they think about talent.


Strategic Advisors

We’ve founded, grown, scaled, turned around and exited successful businesses. We understand the critical role of talent in high-growth companies and those in transition.

Our real-world experience allows us to serve as a sounding board and strategic advisor, helping build a talent plan that aligns with your business strategy.

We dig deep with you, asking the hard questions that bring about meaningful change.

Kurt Wilkin

Kurt Wilkin

Chief Executive Officer

Insightful coach and guide. Strategic talent guru, relationship-builder, Controller Group founder. CPA, YPO, Razorback.

Tammie Valentini

Tammie Valentini

Chief Operating Officer

Operations wizard. Bold thinker, client consultant extraordinaire. ICG Commerce founding member. MBA, Spartan, ice hockey champ.

Executing A Vision:
Seven Corners

Though they had experienced tremendous growth over their 20- year history, travel insurance company Seven Corners was stuck in a holding pattern.

HireBetter challenged this high-growth company to answer some hard questions about their ability to achieve their business goals with the existing team. With strategic guidance and recruiting expertise, HireBetter helped Seven Corners build the team they needed to execute their vision.

“The Strategic Talent Planning session provided us with clear direction and prevented us from being stuck in an entrepreneurial mode with a team we’ve outgrown.”

– Jim Krampen, Co-founder and Principal

Rethink What You Think About Talent

We tell you what you need to know – even if it isn’t easy to hear.

We ask tough questions to unlock a deeper understanding of how the right talent strategy supports your business needs. Then together, we build the team that can amplify growth.

Our game-changing candidates are not actively looking for new jobs: they are busy building someone else’s company. You won’t find them with a business-as-usual approach.

Hiring Game Changers:
Envirocon Technologies

The fast-growing makers of LemiShine products realized they needed to add experienced talent that had been there & done that to continue their meteoric rise.

They were looking locally, placing ads and sifting through piles of mediocre resumes. HireBetter assessed the company holistically, looking at fit, not just skill sets. They strategically hired key players in the right roles that changed the trajectory of the company.

“HireBetter challenged me to think about hiring differently. What if we could hire game-changers at key positions and not fill the job with the best person who happened to answer our ad?”

– Curtis Eggemeyer, CEO
Envirocon Technologies, makers of LemiShine

Work Smarter

Working smarter means having a talent plan that matches your business strategy.

It means first we learn about your long-term vision and your short-term goals, then we develop a plan to get you there.

It means we work in every sector, industry and hiring level, focusing on high-growth companies and those in transition.

But most important, it means we listen first. Then we put our experience, know-how and deep tool chest to work, to determine what – and who – can take your business to the next level.

Smart Project Support:

As an extremely fast-paced growth company, SpiceCSM lacked the talent plan, bench depth and experience to capture an imminent market opportunity.

HireBetter helped SpiceCSM realize the need for immediate project support. In less than three weeks, they had placed two senior executive consultants to help the company seize the moment.

“Working with HireBetter has catapulted my company to a new level. Through the Strategic Talent Planning process, HireBetter took time to learn my business strategy and current strengths, and built a talent strategy to fill the gaps, including bringing forth an incredible project-based team to meet immediate needs and capitalize on opportunities.”

– Michael Ryan, CEO

The Magic Bullet

Do you want to rapidly grow your business?

The magic bullet for growth is talent. We know that the right people in the right roles at the right time can amplify growth like nothing else.

Our clients see more growth, faster. That’s why they call us the talent-planning and recruitment authority for high-growth and private equity companies.

More Growth, Faster:
Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy Vodka burst onto the Austin scene in 2011 and quickly became a local favorite. With quality craftsmanship and clean, natural flavors combined with retro marketing appeal, it’s no wonder the company gained the attention of industry leaders nationwide.

Deep Eddy founder Clayton Christopher had previously started Sweet Leaf Tea and, after 14 years, sold it to Nestle. He knew from experience that he needed game-changers in key roles to achieve the growth he wanted.

HireBetter worked with Deep Eddy to develop a plan for building the right team, and helped them identify and attract industry veterans with a track record of success. As a result, the company achieved the revenue targets in three years that Sweet Leaf took 11 years to reach. In 2015, Heaven Hill Brands acquired them in a deal that exceeded all expectations.

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